Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Does Ms. Dantzler see children?  Do marriage/couples counseling?  Provide medication management?

No. Ms. Dantzler sees adults (18 and over) and only works with individuals.  As a Licensed Mental Helath Counselor, Ms. Dantzler does not provide medication management.  She is able to refer you to a psychiatrist or other appropriate medical professional to address your medication needs.

2.  What types of insurance are accepted?

Although for nearly 30 years Ms. Dantzler was a provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield, as of May 2020 she has ended that contract.  She is not a provider for any other insurance companies at this time.  Some individual insurance policies allow for "out of network" benefits.  If your policy includes this feature you would pay the full amount for a session, be given the documentation to file a claim with your insurance company and then receive reimbursement directly from them.

3.  How long is a session and how much does it cost?

Sessions last between 45-55 minutes.  The initial appointment fee is $150.00 and subsequent sessions are $130.00.  Other fees may include preparation and/or review of documents, testifying in court or deposition, and phone calls other than those of a brief and informational nature.

4.  Can I post-date a check, pay for services later or set up a payment plan?

Generally, the answer is no.  Fees for services can add up quickly and become burdensome.  For that reason, if finances become an issue some patients elect to be seen less frequently or wait until such time that the cost of counseling does not add to their stress.

5.  I'm not sure I want to get started with someone, a stranger, that I might not even like - and then have to go through the whole process again.  I had a bad experience in counseling in the past and I'd really like to have a telephone conversation with Ms. Dantzler before setting the appointment. Is this possible?

Sure.  In the past patients have wanted to get a sense of the therapist's personality, style and ask specific questions not addressed on the website.  This seems reasonable; however, keep in mind this would be a brief telephone conversation.

6.  How will my psychiatrist be advised about my visits with you?

Ms. Dantzler will ask you to sign a standard Release of Information form at your first visit to allow open communication to other involved health care providers.  Ms. Dantzler prefers to work closely with your doctor so that your care is coordinated and all are on the same page in terms of your goals and progress.  Some psychiatrists are not interested in this type of collaboration and this will not effect your work with Ms. Dantzler.

7.  What if I don't have/need a psychiatrist?  Will you communicate with my primary care physician?

Absolutely - given that you have signed the appropriate releases.

8.  My friend/family member wants to come to my session with me.  Is that okay?

In some cases Ms. Dantzler will explore the option of bringing in another person for the purpose of education, support, obtaining information about your situation or other actions that serve as an adjunct to your care.  The presense of another person is only for the purpose of enhancing your therapy and it should be emphasized that your care is primary.  In some cases Ms. Dantzler may refuse to honor the request if the treatment so indicates.

9.  I don't have childcare/my child is sick/can I bring my child (of any age) to the session?

Children in the session can become a distraction and thereby take the focus off the goals of therapy.  Children are never allowed unsupervised in the waiting area.

10. What if I'm having an emergency?  Are there emergency appointments available?

Unlike many other healthcare offices, counseling appointments with Ms. Dantzler are reserved for a 60 minute slot in her calendar and offer little time in between.  These appointments book up in advance and cancellations are refilled quickly.  It does happen that from time to time a slot may be available at a time that coincides with an immediate need that a patient is having.  This should not be expected.  As Ms. Dantzler is now working without the benefit of an office staff she will do her best to return your call at the end of the day.  Email is a more effective form of communication when possible.  In the event that a patient is having a medical/psychiatric emergency they should either call 911 or go to their local emergency department for help.  Please note: If you are late for your scheduled session that time will not be added to the end of your session.  Please keep in mind that the goal of therapy is to use new skills and insight to be able to manage situations more effectively.

11. Can I bring my AA sponsor to my appointment?

Absolutely!  Having the support of an AA sponsor is an important and sometimes necessary part of treatment.  A sponsor is welcome at any time at the pleasure of the patient.

12.  I carry a firearm at all times for my protection.  Is this a problem?

Yes, it is.  While the decision to carry is a personal one, the rules and regulations of the office building prohibit this practice.  Please leave firearms at home or in the car and do not bring them with you.

13.  I see that because of the COVID 19 pandemic you are not seeing people in your office. Why is that and when will you open back up for in office visits?

We have all responded to the COVID 19 pandemic in different ways based on our understanding and beliefs about the risks involved.  While, at first, attempts were made to create a safe environment for patients in the office, that was not sustainable long term, especially as the virus spread more broadly to our area.  It was never Ms. Dantzler's preference to use Telehealth as a delivery service, but the safety and well being of all involved demands change.  The decision to reopen the office for in person visits will be made carefully and in consultation with medical professionals - likely, not for a while.  Re-opening for in office visits will be posted on the Home Page of the website and will be stated on the office voicemail message.